The Production And Production Operations

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1.0 INTRODUCTION The extensive roles of energy in economic growth are well known. Kaiser, Mark .J (2007) posits that there is a solid relationship between national economy and energy development, as energy supply, demand and pricing have enormous influence on economic growth. With the fast pace of economic development over the past decades, many developing nations experienced a sharp annual growth in petroleum demand. However, those with large or potentially large petroleum deposits, very sufficient and financial resources for supply investments, especially for the development of oil and gas production and exploration.
Gas and oil development plans are branded by huge capital investments. Exploration and production operations incorporate numerous activities, reaching from undertaking geological surveys, finding hydrocarbon resources, and commercially exploiting them. Projects in this area are of a high risk nature in physical trading, and political sense as it is hard to know in advance the presence, degree and value of hydrocarbon resources, as well as production costs and the price oil of oil in the global world market Kaiser, Mark .J (2007)
Due to complications in gaining access to risk capital and lack of expertise wanted for resource exploration and production, most developing nations with oil and gas reserves grant development right to foreign companies, which have adequate expertise, technology and capital to fund the project including the capabilities to manage

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