The Profession Of A Physical Therapist Assistant

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This document will provide information about the profession of a physical therapist assistant. In addition to that it will assist in learning multiple things about a career in physical therapy. Which include the different careers that may surround the PTA profession? The salary ranges. And other geographical locations best suited for this career choice, in addition to that also the growth pat-tern and education needed for this PTA profession. Lastly the type of experience one should gain by building a career in physical therapy.

According to (Introduction to Physical therapy practice for physical therapist assistants) written by (Barret M. Christina); Physical therapy is a continuing health care practice. This is …show more content…

Lastly there is an outpatient setting; where practice is provided by a primary care physician that focuses on first level care. Outpatient care is very fast pace where patients are scheduled to come in and leave all in the same day. Physical therapy assistants are responsible for assisting the physical therapist in an interven-tion/treatment on patients of all ages. The treatments are only assessed to those who face the ina-bility to function in everyday living activities. This ranges from infants; pediatrics which is chil-dren and geriatrics which is elderly people (Mikulik, Tammy PT, DPT).

According to (Konvicka, Eric, PT), there is a host of qualities needed for this career choice such as active listening one must be able to listen to a patient 's interest about their treatment. PTA does also need to use Verbal communication to comprehend instructions for patient progression and PTA 's clinical success. In addition to that they need Interpersonal skills which are important when it comes to interacting with patients and colleagues. To be successful in any healthcare ca-reer, there is a need for a strong desire to help people. Reading comprehension PTA 's must be able to understand written instructions from there direct supervisory whether it 's a PT or Physi-cian. In addition to that, there is also critical thinking and decision making important when de-ciding the potential outcomes of possible solutions before choosing. Organization skills

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