The Progressive Era And Political Reform

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The Progressive era was a period around 1890-1920, in which the rise of social activism became apparent as well as political reform. Americans during this time began to move away from rural and began to colonize cities. Progressive activists at the time sought to eliminate government corruption, increase regulation in business practices, and address and resolve health issues in the work force. Journalists known as muckrakers were catalysts of change by informing the public about prominent issues at the time including, child labor, corruption in government, and unlawful practices acted out by business men. One of the key contributors to the rise of the progressive era was immigration. From 1800 to 1900, the US received a large influx of in the number of immigrants, fueled by economic freedom and emancipation from there socially restrictive homeland. It is estimated that a total of “more than 15 million immigrants arrived in the US” during this time. A large number of these immigrants settled in densely populated cities. “In 1910, three-fourths of New York’s City’s population was either immigrants or first generation Americans”. The second reason was the rise of the middle class. A majority of progressivists came from the middle class. One of the motives that drove progressivists was to give the public direct control over the government; this was accomplished by direct primaries that would elect candidates for public office. The third primary factor which led to the rise of

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