The Progressive Era

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Throughout American history there have been many periods of transformation. These transformations aren’t always apparent to them and many other times they have no idea it is happening until decades later. Regardless of what happened in different eras of history one thing always holds true, it made America who they are as a country. From the late 19th century into the early 20th century America went through one of these transformations with the birth of the progressive era. It left it’s imprint on American culture and will continue to for decades to come. The decades that worried America and its future were shortly after the Civil War. The political, social, and economic abuses were threatened. Although Progressivism began as a social movement, it grew into a political movement. By giving power to the public with the opportunity to participate more directly in the political process and limiting the power of big city bosses. For the public to achieve these goals they needed a political reform. This reform included the idea of direct primary, an election giving all members of the party a chance to have a say in nominations. The idea of putting proposed laws on the ballot, usually by getting a certain amount of people to sign petitions. They also wanted the public to be able to vote for whom they wanted in the state legislature. By giving voters the power to remove officials from office through petitions or a vote would definitely be a huge step in making the public feel
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