The Progressive Era

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The progressive era was a time period in America after reconstruction that took place from 1900 to 1920. The progressive era focused mainly on social and political reform, trying to fix America's economy by working towards equal conditions for individuals, stopping political corruption and increasing government intervention on social and economic issues. Progressivists were social activists and political reformers working to improve conditions and the treatment of the American people. They believed that the government could be a tool for change. Progressive reform started out as a social movement and later on took a more political stand. The progressive era was successful in the fight to reform the United States by improving industrialization, urbanization cities, and reforming America's social and gender classes.
Industrialization during the progressive era had rapidly grown and changed the country. Factories had widespread and created many jobs, but at the cost of bad working conditions, harsh hours and unfair pay, including little to no restrictions on child labor. Businesses were huge and greedy, monopolizing the nation and wiping out most small businesses. Muckrakers were artists such as journalists and photographers that tried to expose government corruption and draw attention to society's important issues. Ida M Tarbell was a writer of ´The History of the Standard Oil Company¨ was serialized in McCluresś Magazine. Her piece focused on the monopolization of the oil

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