How Did The Rise And Spread Of Islam

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Islam is one of the oldest and the second largest religions today, coming second to Christianity. The religion is believed to derive mostly from the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. He was also believed to be the last prophet. Islam began in about 600 AD, around the time Muhammad was instructed to teach the word of God in Mecca. When Muhammad was about forty years of age, he began having visions and would also hear voices. Often enough, he would find clarity by meditating in a cave at Mount Hira (near Mecca). One day as he was meditating, he saw a light and felt sequestered. It was the Archangel Gabriel speaking to him, revealing the first verse. This verse was the first of many that would later become the basis of the Quran. During the pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula, it was believed that there were multiple Gods but these revelations contradicted that belief; proving that there existed only one God. Like other prophets, Muhammad was chosen to be the messenger of the word of God. Due to the animosity he received, Muhammad left Mecca and went to Medina. While there, he would still receive divine revelations and began to build an expanding community full of supporters and followers of the new faith. After years of violence due to the conflicting religions, Mecca surrendered. Muhammad and his followers returned to Mecca after that and destroyed the pagan idols while spreading the new faith and belief in one God. After the holy Qur 'an, the sayings of the Prophet

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