The Pros And Cons Of A Cyberkingdom

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Prompt: Is Facebook becoming a powerful geopolitical forcé – a “Cyberkingdom” that violates digital privacy without government scrutiny or with direct government approval? Reflect on the New York Times article seen in class and explain, justify and illustrate Facebook as a “Cyberkingdom” In recent years, Facebook has been growing constantly in almost every country of the world. It became one of the most successful companies with “more than two billion users (Mozur et al, 2017)” . However, the company struggles to reach every single country in the world, due to privacy policy disagreements. For instance, Facebook is blocked in China since 2009 due to an “outbreak of ethnic rioting in the western part of the country (Mozur, et al, 2017)” . …show more content…

Accordingly, the paper will examine the book by Balkovich, Prosnitz, Boustead and Isley which deals with the relationship between technology and law enforcement. In order to achieve this, the issues regarding the actions taken by Facebook and by governments of different countries will be explored. For many years, several writers, musicians, artists have feared the idea of world where the government uses technology against us. The New York Times article narrates the evening when the police of Hanoi arrested him due to a post criticizing senior leaders. “While Facebook reassured that its policies in Vietnam have not changed, the Vietnamese government had agreed to help create a new communications channel with the government to prioritize Hanoi’s requests to remove what the regime considered an inaccurate post (Mozur et al, 2017) ”. “One of Foucaults concerns is how human beings understand themselves in our culture and how our knowledge about ‘the social, the embodied individual and shared meanings’ come to be produced in different periods. His main concerns were the relations of

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