The Pros And Cons Of A Government Without Its People

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What is a government without its people? I believe that citizens should be given an opportunity to take part in the legislative process and grant them a maximum of political self-determination. I believe that an individual or a small group of leaders should not make all political decisions for the society. I believe the society should also be involved in making political decisions because as the society we see things differently from their perspective.

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of direct democracy, I concluded that direct democracy referendums are more of a positive way for a society to make decisions. If we talk about a society we are referring to people who are living together in an ordered community, there is a couple of advantages of direct democracy but there is a specific one that I would like to discuss: advocating a well-united community. This means the society will be able to speak for their opinions which will come in handy for the government to coherent everyone gets to give their input. We no longer will have a small group of leaders or an individual make political decisions, but instead, the government will make decisions that are not only in their favor but in the favor of the society. I believe that there are people out there who are more knowledgeable about politics but aren’t politicians and are not given the platform to say what they want. Not only is this going to be in favor of the society but it will be in favor of the government

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