The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Abortion is a topic that polarizes large sections of the population against a minority; today more people who live and advocates for the criminalization of abortion than those who bet on their decriminalization; this is due mainly to the conservative formation that prevails in the whole world, and that is to the parallel of the religions and its moral doctrines.
It is after the French revolution, that with the name of left or liberalism, have arisen some minorities that bet by the abortion, the euthanasia and the union of pairs of the same sex.
These taboo themes have intensified in recent decades, because of the support that some nations have given to them, as happened in some US states. and of which they take as support and guide.

The same human rights defenders (hombusman) have fallen into doctrinal contradictions on this issue, since there are those who support the "freedom of women to decide on their body" and those who "support the right to life of someone defenseless" .
The discussion is essentially about leaving absolute control over the decision to the mother, de facto ignoring the rights of the child and the father, (in case of opposition), establishing as a law the permissiveness of the act of curettage.
It is after an alternative interpretation of morality and law, that in some parts of the world has established the right to quench a life, and decriminalize it as homicide, by depriving the human dignity of the infant, and put a volitional desire of the mother as

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