The Pros And Cons Of Academic Dishonesty

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McCabe has said that an estimated seventy percent of college students have admitted to some type of cheating. He supports this claim by saying that the parties to blame here is the school system and the media. HBU defines academic dishonesty to when a student cheats or steals someone’s work and passes it as their own among these are a list of actions that count for academic dishonesty. Some examples being brought up about dishonesty is how in the NFL saw past the deflating incident in the Super Bowl were it seems like the media praised the player for his actions (Loschiavo). Therefor, students think it is correct to do be dishonest in their class work.
The article talks about how the way the school system is set up students are not able to fully write a complete a research paper. Most of the time an act like this is impulsive, something that is done without thinking. It is said that teachers are basically taking a short cut by teaching their student the concept of paraphrasing what they read instead of teaching them how to properly put things in a context they can explain themselves. The research was done by a Dean who dealt with student dishonesty for over sixteen years, but yet each student is has different reasons for their acts. McCabe himself says in the article that cheating can be one of many things such as a cry for help to just not knowing how to properly cite their resources. Being a fresh out of high school student I often witness student being told that what they

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