The Pros And Cons Of Bilingual Education

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I support bilingual education because it can be an effective pathway for foreign language speakers to learn the English language. I am in favor of the two-way immersion method as a bilingual education application in the classroom. According to Hadi-Tabassum, “Two-way immersion (TWI) bilingual education is an integrated language immersion program in which students who speak a majority language, such as English, study and learn together in the same classroom with students who speak a minority language….Both the language majority and language minority students learn the two languages simultaneously and acquire academic content knowledge through both L1 (English) and L2 (Spanish, Korean, etc.). Dual immersion education is another term used more often to describe TWI bilingual programs but both terms signify the same type of bilingual education program in which two distinct sociolinguistic student groups are fully immersed in learning both the majority and minority language across all content areas and within the same classroom setting.” (4). As one can imagine, it can be very difficult to learn a completely new language in a short period of time, therefore, the two-way immersion method is a great way for students to learn a new language, while still being able to communicate in their primary tongue and not being forced to acquire new knowledge without the ability to communicate effectively in the new language being learned.

Hadi-Tabassum also states that, “The fundamental aim

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