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Bilingualism (go to paper rater) (buy more gum) ( study much)-weekend
An ongoing battle of culture, freedom, and language occurs in America today. The battle is commonly called Bilingualism. The dictionary definition: being able to speak multiple languages. Though, when you dig deeper, you discover the hunger of differing tongues. Many people believe bilingualism should have a certain role in the public and education. One of these figures is Martin Espada, who believe that bilingualism is also respecting one's culture. He believes that more effort be put into understanding different cultures and languages. An opposing figure to this is poet and author, Richard Rodriguez, who believes bilingualism should not be emphasized in the public …show more content…

Though the judge didn't care what she had to say. If he were to respect her like a judge should do she would have been able to defend herself.
Moreover, throughout Rodriguez’s essay he tries to to show us that he believes that bilingualism in the public and schools is not the the priority but to be able to function in society is. He illustrates this when he finally understands how to speak English. Rodriguez states ”I spoke in a loud voice. And I did not think it remarkable when the entire class understood. That day, I moved very far from the disadvantaged child I had been only days earlier”( 95-98). He calls himself disadvantaged because before he could not function in the classroom, due to him only knowing Spanish. But as he learns English he feels as though he can succeed. He also portrays this when he talks of how there would be other people in his home after school other than his family. Rodriguez states “When I arrived home there would often be neighborhood kids in the house”(132-133). Now that he understands english he has friends. There is no need for him to use Spanish. As English is what everyone uses to communicate.

These authors provide clear stances on bilingualism. I feel as if it's a great opportunity if you have the time to learn about another culture and language. The way I view bilingualism in the public and educational system is that everyone should have the choice to learn a different language. One piece of

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