The Pros And Cons Of Books

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Around the globe many books are banned from schools and libraries because of their content, although many others disagree with the banning of books because it takes away our freedom of speech. Many books are banned and challenged because their content is considered inappropriate or offensive to others. But, others find that it goes against our first amendment rights when they take away what someone else has written. Butler University also shows other reasons for why books are often times banned. Also, many are outraged that books like To Kill a Mockingbird is on the banned books list because they are time-honored books. Many people believe books should be banned because their content is deemed inappropriate for younger audiences or because their content is on sensitive subjects. However, others believe it is our first amendment right to be able to read these books and that books contain important lessons in them. Christine Hauser writer for “The New York Times” agrees that books with controversial content manner should be banned. In her article “Sex, Politics and the Banned Books of 2016” she states “The book was removed from a school in Wisconsin because it “portrays a transgender child, and because of language, sex education and offensive viewpoints,” the association reported.” (Hauser). The book was removed because it of its content is redeemed unmannerly. When books are banned it is because they believe the way the book is composed to be repugnant. Also in the article

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