The Pros And Cons Of Child Labor

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What is child labor? And how bad has it gotten over the years? According to the author of the " Opposing View Points on Child Labor " It’s known throughout the years that child labor was a common thing. "Child Labor is a problem of immense and economic proportions in many developing regions of the world today"(Hugh D Hindman 233). In some places children working alongside their parents to provide was usual. Children were put to work in factories and mines in the Industrial Revolution. Kids young as six worked up to sixteen hours a day. Even some where beat by the bosses if they didn't do anything right or were to fall asleep on the job. They often work in horrible conditions, like operating dangerous machinery or other dangerous tasks. In 1802, Britain's factory Act made it so children nine to thirteen can work no more than eight hours per day. And the ages fourteen and up can work to twelve hours per day. A mission to ban child labor in 1904, but it didn’t to get successful legislation passed. A convention in 1937 called the " International Labour Organization" adopted the minimum age convention. This requires each country “to pursue a national policy designed to ensure the effective abolition of child labor and to raise progressively the minimum age for admission to employment or work to a level consistent with the fullest physical and mental development of young persons.” About around one hundred fifty-five countries have since ratified the convention and
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