The Pros And Cons Of Co-Housing

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01.1 | What is co-housing?

Collaborative housing (commonly referred to as co-housing) is an idea in which a group of families intends to create an intentional community. A community is defined as a “group of people living in close proximity or having a particular characteristic in common”. Co-housing relates to both statements: a community is established with the residents living in the same place, united through common everyday problems and vision of their life and in search for a better living conditions.

The notion of co-housing in itself is not new, in fact the idea of living within a community is the basis of our society; cities could be viewed as a macro-scaled communities where the residents are attracted with better economic perspectives, however with limited social contact with neighbours, rather having a more …show more content…

Jo Williams, in the paper entitled Predicting an American Future for Co-housing, discussed the factors that contribute to the separation of humans from the need of communal living. Williams identified a lack of “cultural affinity” for co-housing: the argument considers that the average citizen puts individual freedom above the co-housing, giving an image of the social mind-set of the macro communities (cities, bigger villages) where communal living is impacting, and in fact, limiting these private liberties. A second argument that cast light on the scarcity of the co-housing in macro communities is the effort that needs to be put in place to reach a functioning community. Effort meaning not only the time required to plan and execute, but also financial commitment, risk (social as well as economic), expertise, competition with real estate developers and need of independent professional guidance. These two factors, according to Williams, are at the centre of lack of development of

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