The Pros And Cons Of Digital Technology

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“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” - John Dewey
Digital technology has undeniably been integrated as a key module of modern society. From the ancient Stone Age to the Industrial Era of the 19th century to the invention of the television in 1927, humans have thought of ways to simplify tasks and ultimately, their lives. Now, in the 21st century, computers have been developing at incredible rates. Game-changing gadgets come out every year and at such affordable price points, allowing most to obtain these items for their families and themselves. To survive in the current workforce, a smartphone is arguably mandatory; additional pieces such as smartwatches and laptops come with advantages.
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Large corporations such as Samsung and Google are continuously encouraging schools to incorporate their products and programs in the classroom. They sell the idea that advanced electronics will assist children in their learning, but is this true?
Figure 1. Image from Samsung Education Solutions webpage.
Each individual learns differently. The most popular theory is the VARK model, which stands for visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Educators are always striving to perfect new and improved curriculums so that every student can understand the information given to them to the best of their ability. Because technology is so widely available and popular with the young generation, teachers use this to their advantage and attempt to make school fun. Video games, apps, and social networks can help make learning easier as the children see the projects as activities they would choose to do in their leisurely time. In addition to fun, efficiency comes into play in the topic of technology and education. Children report avoiding homework due to laziness; having to write pages of notes or sketch an image takes time. Computers help reduce physical stress as well as time spent on the assignments. Typing is faster and less painful than writing, and free softwares like SketchUp or Draft It can help students create accurate illustrations. Making jobs easier motivate kids to more productive. Ultimately, introducing children to modern gadgets prepares

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