The Pros And Cons Of Geography

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the word geography, is “land.” However, there is much more to geography than this one singular word. Geography is the study of land on Earth, its physical features, and its atmosphere. Geography is how humans affect the environment. It is what carved and shaped history, and can alter the future in just a snap of the fingers. Geography is a way to travel around the world, multiple times without even having to leave your seat. It is the ultimate difference between many subjects, such as winning or losing, happiness and sadness, or even the common difference between life and death. To many people, geography is a part of everyday life, even though we don’t seem to notice it. We use geography to get to school and work. We use it to find the nearest McDonalds, and to even find out about the weather forecast of the day. Yet, for others, geography is what they live and breathe. Tim Marshall falls into that category as the author of “Prisoners of Geography,” who dedicates much of his time to further analyze the intricate study of geography. In his bestseller, Tim explains to us the allure of ten different regions in the world, while also bringing light to the little harmful events in each region, which could potentially lead to world calamity. In his book, Marshall draws a clear line between how geography positively and negatively influences the world. For example, the geography of the land can provide countries with a surplus of
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