The Pros And Cons Of Globalization In China

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Globalization means economic,social,culture and communications integration become integrated with each countries. All of the president very concerned about the benefit which globalization bring to them especially economic globalization.However,it will cause a loss that can not be overlooked if we are indiscriminate. Globalization to China is both pros and cons because China is developing country. Economic globalization has made the contradiction between the ecological environment and sustainable development of developing countries increasingly acute.The entry of transnational capital increases the speculative and risk of financial markets, making it easy for short-term speculative capital to hit the weak domestic market in developing countries.Economic …show more content…

This creates a situation in which the governance structure of multiple regimes around the world is intertwined with the internal governance structure of individual countries. Nairuwoods thought"In contrast to the fact that the world economy is becoming increasingly unstable, inequality and lack of governance, in order to address these and the World Bank should play a greater role in trade, currency and development assistance, respectively.”Wang Guoxing and Cheng Jing think that global governance issues include global economy, human security, climate and environment, civil society, energy use and so on. Zhang Yuyan and Li Zenggang that the scope of global governance, including global ecology, global crime, the global economic order, global security, the elimination of global poverty and infectious diseases and other issues.After China's opening to the outside world, we have begun to attach importance to the use of foreign resources and foreign markets to promote the socialist modernization drive, which has made our real demand for global economic governance and its public goods. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, China's international rules of a class of public goods is not much demand preferences, more is the hope that the international aid class of public goods. As China becomes a major trade and investment country and participates in the growing degree of economic globalization, the demand for global economic governance and its public goods is

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