Examine the Effects of Globalisation on China

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Examine the effects of globalisation on China The process of globalisation in China has been a rapid one. China’s exponential growth since the fall of Mao has lead to increased international influence – with China now operating on an international scale. Economically globalisation began in 1978 following Deng Xiaoping’s Open Door policy. This opened up China to foreign investment and the international markets. This lead to an influx of transnational corporations, which was advantageous to Chinese companies who benefitted from technology transfer. However, the TNC’s moved to China for its cheap labour and manufacture, which presented an ethical dilemma for China. Leaders had to decide whether to compromise on a lack of investment and poor…show more content…
Globalisation has lead to the development of SEZ’s along with Deng’s Open Door policy. Globalisation has given these SEZ’s both advantages and disadvantages and has lead to rapid economic growth but often compromised on the Chinese people. Socially, globalisation has both increased levels of Westernisation and increased development in the interior. Increased Westernisation has lead to both positive impacts with over 100 million Chinese have internet access, with 360 million owning a mobile phone, whilst 380 million own a TV. However, this can mean a loss of culture with the younger generation less willing to retain traditional practices like farming and rice planting, but instead want to move into the city and enjoy a “western-style” living. Globalisation has lead to both the benefits from Westernisation eg McDonald’s sponsoring the 2008 Olympics, but also the negatives including a loss of cultures and traditional Chinese practices. Development along the interior as also resulted from globalisation. As China has been put under pressure to reduce rural-urban inequality, it has begun development in rural areas. This has lead to the transformation of White Horse Village into a major city. This has meant that the old village was demolished and new high-rise buildings replaced rice paddies. This has increased growth in the area and had meant an influx of migrants back
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