The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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How many of you, have ever been robbed at gunpoint? When I was about seventeen years old, I became a victim of an armed robber, in a small town called Hoboken in New Jersey. Now, New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire United States, and many people believe that these laws keep us safe from such an encounter. I found out the hard way that these gun control laws are not meant to protect law-abiding citizens. My perpetrator belonged to a local gang, and gun control laws did not stop him or any of the other members of his gang from obtaining a gun. Gang violence is a serious issue significantly contributing to violent crime, including homicides. Gun control will not stop any criminal in the future from obtaining and using a gun. Criminals buy most of their guns illegally, not through the conventional way of going through the local gun dealer, this makes tracing these guns almost impossible. Harsher, mandatory sentences for anyone that commits a crime with a gun, would deter many criminals from committing such offenses. Knowing that you can be put away for life if you own a gun illegally, would stop many crimes and deaths from occurring. Criminals by nature do not respect laws, so it would not matter to them if guns were illegal or not. Law-abiding citizens would then be left defenseless, and disarmed if gun control were to become an actual law.
There is a big division in this country when it comes to gun control. Politicians seem to use this division to

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