The Pros And Cons Of Gun Violence

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Gun murder is a serious issue, 40,000 people are either killed or injured from gun violence each year. Legislators and gun violence advocates put forth solutions to decrease gun violence, some want more gun control, others want less. Gun control should not be stricter because it would make it harder for people to get guns and defend themselves
Gun control advocates claim gun control leads to lower crime, but the hard facts show that gun laws do not reduce gun homicide rates and in fact only increase them. Gun laws do not reduce gun homicide rates because the states with fewer gun laws have a lower gun murder rate. As Ben Shapiro spoke about in a talk on KTTH, “The states with the lowest gun homicide rates are New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Idaho, North Dakota, and Montana. None of these states have significant gun laws.” If it were true that gun laws reduce gun crime, the states with the least amount of gun laws would have the highest crime rate. In addition, the author says this because of the fact that gun crime is not as a result of the increase in ownership of guns, rather it’s because of the person who uses the gun. Since this is so, the crime rate is lower in states with fewer gun laws, it proves that the gun crime rate is dependent on the type of people living in that specific state overall. In the same way that outlawing murder does not eliminate murder, outlawing certain gun measures would not eliminate them, and might increase them instead. Likewise, according to

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