The Pros And Cons Of Hazing

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Hazing by definition is "an initiation process involving harassment."(Miriam Webster Dictionary online) In recent times hazing has been corrupted and left people dead. At least 4 people have been killed this year in hazing incidents. In a Bloomsburg newsletter it stated, " More than 60 students have died in hazing since 2005." Hazing is dangerous to students now. Hazing humiliates, imprisons, and kills people.

Some say hazing builds teams. They say "Initiations require mutual support and bonding among members."(Student life 2011) They need consent on both sides and people willingly do this. "Those more seniors know that the initiates wish to join with such intensity that they are willing to let themselves get humiliated."(Student life 2011) Also not all hazing is bad. They only report negative hazing incidents that leave people dead. We don’t know all the positive examples. Like my dad. He went through hazing to get into his fraternity. He didn’t get beaten or forced to drink. But, he had to learn things about his fraternity brothers. He got to know them and created friends for life.

Though, hazing kills people. Take Timothy Piazza for example. Timothy piazza was joining the fraternity Beta Theta Pi when it came time for hazing. "Piazza's blood alcohol level content may have reached a high of .36% that night... Video surveillance shows that he first fell down a flight of stairs around 11pm... multiple fraternity members saw him in distress. In some cases, they ignored

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