HBCU Greek Organizations Legacy

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HBCU Greek organizations are one of the most prospective and student sanctioned organizations. They have the representation to either be a great organization where the concept of charity and family is govern. Or they can be the source of reckless activities and worse of it all hazing. Throughout the articles, I gathered that these organizations can either be a source of inspiration or the student’s downfall. In S.Rogers, C. Rogers, T Anderson’s 2012, article EXAMINING THE LINK BETWEEN PLEDGING, HAZING, AND ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT AMONG MEMBERS OF A BLACK GREEK FATERNITY. Gives the reader an insight on the stereotypes and misconception that are placed on African American Greek organizations. Even though there are hazing rituals that are conducted to build a better relationship between the pledgees and the organization. The “hazing” or as most know it by the initiation rituals are to weed out those who seem unfit to be a part of a 100 + year organization. Though some of the initiation rituals have resulted in physical, psychological and even death. The initiation rituals build not only character nonetheless members for life. While L, Patton; B, Bridges; L, Flowers’s 2011 article EFFECTS OF GREEK AFFILIATION ON AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDENTS' ENGAGEMENT, discusses that African American organizations presence on campus. Have exposed great leadership, entrepreneurship, encouraged academic achievement and promoted community service. The organizations, believe that if their

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