The Pros And Cons Of Immigrants In Italy

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One of the most toughest immigration policies in the world is the one in Italy, for them illegal immigration is a crime and after paying a fine imposed to them, they can be detained for as much as six months by authorities. In order to request for any public service you must show your permit of residence. Furthermore, if you are a citizen of Italy and help bring an undocumented individual to that country or offer housing to the same you can be convicted and go to jail for almost three years (Line, Linda). This obviously is an incentive to prevent any citizen from associating with a immigrant. If you are a teacher in Italy, you must report any undocumented children to the authorities. If you get married to an Italian you must wait two years in order to receive citizenship. The law also permits the formation of citizen patrol groups, I find this really surprising, it gives me a sense of how much immigration is restricted in Italy. With the description of all this policies mentioned before, the stance that the United States can take relies on what approach they want regarding immigration. If the goal is to welcome immigrants to the United States than a policy like the one used in Canada would be the best fit. If the goal is to prevent immigration and what to do with undocumented individuals than the best fit is to look at Italy’s strict immigration policies. These policies mentioned by me are not direct solutions but they are alternatives that can then proceed to solutions.

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