The Pros And Cons Of Imperialism

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Imperialism Imperialism is when a stronger nation takes over a weaker nation and controls over their lifestyle. Some Europeans supported Imperialism because they needed resources that they didn't have but other places did have. This allowed them to benefit from other countries as well as gaining power. Some Europeans and others did not support Imperialism because they felt that the increase in population especially in military would get out of hand and would provide fewer rights. Imperialism has been going on throughout history and it is seen as both good and bad by certain people or groups. I believe Imperialism was and is a good thing because it allowed and still allows for progress and development within the country. As Imperialism developed during the 19th century so did nationalism. The idea of building nation-states engulfed the globe which closely became linked to imperialism. As nationalism was beginning to be built, expansion was required for the process of nation building which brought that idea of imperialism. Throughout the 19th century imperialism became a facilitated widespread movement as mentioned in the textbook Worlds Together, Worlds Apart which also allowed for different countries and places to experience and to be taught different things that weren’t available to them without imperialism.
The ones who throughout history benefitted from imperialism the most were Europeans and people of European descent. The 19th century allowed especially at

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