Why Is Imperialism Good For America

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Everyone might have different opinion on rather imperialism is good for America or not but here are the reasons why it is good. Imperialism would be a great thing for America because imperialism has a lot of benefits and opportunities for a better lifestyle, because the expanding of nations can grow meaning more markets and businesses are being created that equals more money! Imperialism allows bigger countries to help smaller countries become successful. The ability to solve problems in counties near your own is great for making allies. A great example of trying to make allies is ideological imperialism which is a country’s ideas or views shared to other countries. Mainly to build each other up and exchange goods or raw materials. Imperialism can have economic forms which is the expansion of forms or acquire raw materials. The expanding of land and resources increases and the economic and political views are advanced. Transportation would be faster and easier due to the Panama Canal and we can get raw materials and the goods needed for our country. The Panama Canal is probably one of the greatest contrustion ever built, it has improved the United States for the better. New lands can be discovered and be turned into a great state like Hawaii and Alaska for example. A lot of people thought Alaska was just a cold and frozen place to be, but William Seward's bought it for 7.2 million dollars and now it’s a 49th state in America. Imperialism can improve your daily life as

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