The Pros And Cons Of Ingroup Projection

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Although various motivations have been proposed to explain ingroup bias (e.g., self-enhancement and collective action, Scheepers, Spears, Doosje, & Manstead, 2003), in the present paper we focus on ingroup projection. Building on self-categorization theory (Turner, Hogg, Oakes, Reicher, & Wetherell, 1987), which states that that subgroups compare themselves to outgroups by referencing a superordinate group, the ingroup projection model (Mummendey & Wenzel, 1999) posits that subgroups see their ingroup as more prototypical of the superordinate category than the outgroup. Whether or not a group is perceived as being prototypical of a category label is important, as members of non-prototypical groups may be targeted by prejudice
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