The Pros And Cons Of Living Off-Campus

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Living off-campus provides challenging opportunities for personal growth (Oberlin College, 2017). Students who live in far areas prefer to have a rental house in order to have an easy access to their school. In addition, Chapman University (2017), states that living off-campus offers benefits and new experiences. It leads to a more independent lifestyle, build a good relationship between the landlord and tenants, deals with the different personalities of roommates, commuting, wise household budgeting (e.g. to pay for rent, foods, gas, and other utilities of their rental house). On the other hand, students that live off-campus when not supervised may lead them to risks.
Relative to the risk of fire, Magistrado (2010) reported that a student and …show more content…

The inspection discovered that these boarding houses have substandard electrical wiring systems, as one of the common causes of fire, and the boarding houses do not have fire exits that can complicate things in case of a fire event. As the inspection revealed, Bureau of Fire Protection sent notices to the administrators of the boarding houses to correct their violations of compliance with the regulations for the safety of their occupants.
Moreover, Talang et al. (2013) concluded that the rental house administrators in San Vicente West, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan have conducted their duties and responsibility to inform their occupants about the safety precautions like availability of fire exits that is very important in a case of disaster. However, it was recommended that the administrators of the rental houses must provide any ready equipment, directional sign, and first aid kit and assist proper distributions of information about disaster preparedness to the

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