The Pros And Cons Of Single Parenting

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Single Parenting goes through many trials such as financial instability, emotional instability, a decline in educational success, and behavioral issues. At young age children will start to become distant from their education and school life. Financial instability due to a single parent household withdraws the child from educational trips and in some cases prevent a child from accomplishing their dream. Emotional instability in a single parent household is very common in and can cause the child or children to become depressed and may lead to the child thinking that they are in a single parent household because it is their fault they are in a one parent household. Emotional instability exists in the parent too because it may lead to stress. Behavioral issues of a child with a single parent increase because there is no father figure and the mother had to increase spanking punishments. The child behavior in a single parent household also led to more teacher reported behavior and behavioral issues increased when the child had little to no contact with the father which led to an increase of spanking punishment. The single parent household effected the educational success; it led to a decline of educational success and children would withdraw themselves from the school. According to Bonnie L. Barber and Jacquelynne S. Eccles, their research found out that “that grades between children living in a married household or in a single-parent household will not differ in terms of

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