The Pros And Cons Of The Alberta Oil Sands

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Have you ever thought about if the Alberta Oil Sands are an economic and environmentally sufficient enough that we should still utilize the resource of oil? The Alberta Oil Sands also known as the tar sands were first mined in 1967 and ever since they have done a great deal to Alberta’s economic stability. The issue is that all good things have a bad side as well. Some main disadvantages to the oil sands is that natural habitats get destroyed, creates greenhouse gas emissions which are harmful to humans and the environment and the issue of is it more environmentally friendly to use another source for energy such as methane?
The Oil Sands of Alberta is an enriched area of oil that Canada utilizes for economic stability. One main aspect of being
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Some pros of the oils sands are they made Canada the biggest supplier of oil to the US which allowed for the beginning of a fruitful economic partnership. The oil sands are also a stable source of energy due to the oil sands being the second largest site in the world. Alberta has flourished due to the oils sands which creates thousands of jobs for locals. On the downside there are also cons to every project. Some disadvantages to the oils sands are since the oil is so deep underground; the process of extraction is very carbon intense which creates more greenhouse gas. Thousands of bird species have a loss of their breeding grounds due to the fact that the mining operation is located where the breeding ground used to be. As of right now and our rate of consumption of oil we have approximately only 40 years worth of oil left. Some people say that we rely on the oils sands too much and eventually we will have to find a new source of energy. I say, for now it’s fair to say that we will have an issue in the future about energy but for as of now it is not a huge problem. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons on the sole fact that we have this resource at our disposal and we might as well take advantage of what God has given us. From what I understand is that we are also reconstructing the landscape once we are finished with the sites so the native species will be able to inhabit the area once
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