The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Data collected by the Death Penalty Information Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to discussing capital punishment with reports and statistics, shows that 746 inmates reside in California’s Death Row. However, since 1976, the year the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty nationwide, the state has carried out only 13 executions; in fact, the first occurred in 1992, an astonishing 16 years after the Supreme Court decision (“State by State”). The death penalty in California is a highly controversial issue and the topic of heated debate, especially in state government. Political decisions regarding capital punishment in California reflect the state’s divided stance on it. Although voters in California recently made a democratic effort to resolve the issues surrounding the state’s death penalty system, they are unaware of the injustice of capital punishment. The punitive measure costs both the government and taxpayers dearly, it wastes valuable time and resources, and years of human error have flawed cases in which the judicial system handed convicted murderers a death sentence. Opposition to the death penalty is not unique to the Golden State. Capital punishment has existed ever since the beginning of civilization; society considered a majority of crimes worthy of hanging by the guillotine or burning by the stake. But the United States is the most notable country that executes convicted killers, not because it represents justice for the families of victims,

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