Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty is the punishment of execution to someone who legally by court of law convicted a capital crime. In the United States of America this is mainly used for aggravated murder. Additionally this means that the murder has circumstances that are severe. For instance it was planned murder, intentionally killed below the age of 13, killed someone while serving term in prison, killed a law officer, and killed someone or illegally terminated a person’s pregnancy while in the process of committing, trying to commit or escaping after the act of rape, kidnapping, aggravated arson, arson, robbery, aggravated robbery, burglary, aggravated burglary, terrorism, or trespass. The death penalty is balanced between pros and cons, where it …show more content…

It must also allow the sentencing judge or jury to take into account the character and record of an individual defendant.The year of 1977 was when the death penalty in California was reinstated. In 1992, Robert Harris was the first individual executed in the state in two decade. Including 12 other men that were executed after that year. The gas chamber was considered as a cruel and unusual punishment to the U.S. District Court, so California made lethal injections their default mode of execution.
Currently the death penalty in California is still active, however it has been a full decade since the last execution of Clarence Ray Allen. There has been situations right after his death about the protocol of the lethal injection, which brought the state's execution machinery to halt. Although this had occurred California's death row is the largest in the country, still continuing to increase in number. First it appeared as 646 people in January of 2006, but today it's 750. Last year California officially ran out of space for its condemned prisoners. Urging Governor Jerry Brown to assist them by soliciting 3.2 million from the lawmakers to expand the death cells. Even though only 13 men have been executed in California, there is still a number more than 100 that have died facing execution. A quarter of these prisoners have committed

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