The Pros And Cons Of The Drinking Age

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The drinking age in the United States was set at 21 in 1984 and has been a dismal failure ever since and should be changed back to 18. As adults in the eyes of the law 18 year olds should be allowed to consume alcohol. With this change we can eliminate some of the workload of our police officers and judicial system. We can eliminate some of the hideous, yet ever present, habits of binge drinking that occur in the 18-20 age group. Further the benefits to the economy both locally and nationally would be a welcome benefit of the change. In a world that strives for political correctness and fairness the age discrimination and power mongering of the government needs to stop and the right to legally consume alcohol at the age of 18 must be granted. Growing up there are certain birthdays, milestones if you will, that we reach in life such as double digits at 10, teenager at 13, driving at 16 and adulthood at 18. In 47 of 50 states the “age of majority”, which defines when a person has the rights and responsibilities of an adult, is set at 18. In other words at 18 a person is allowed to participate in elections, can serve on a jury, can marry, can apply for loans, can make medical decisions for themselves, can be prosecuted as an adult, and probably most important of all in this argument can serve in the military. It is a blatant disregard for fairness, and is utter age discrimination for the powers that be to allow the young men and women of this great nation to put their
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