The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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President Donald Trump recently declared that he would be reversing the proposition of net-neutrality, states Steve Lohr, an author from the New York Times, in his article "Net Neutrality Is Trump's Next Target, Administration Says." Net neutrality is the act of leaving the Internet open and free from any regulations (Lohr). The Internet has evolved and has not had any issues, until Congress began creating rules on how the Internet could be managed. Internet providers no longer can regulate the Internet, it is open and free to everyone. Those that are advocate for Net Neutrality argue that the government is invading their privacy and will control their freedom if they do not keep the internet open. However, those that are Anti-neutrality state that having no net neutrality would improve and revolutionize the internet. People that are pro neutrality argue that if the government regulated the internet, the internet would be control by the government and therefore, invade their liberty. However, the Internet is not fully free, and open to everyone. In Peter Gregory's article, "Net Neutrality is Techno Socialism," written from the Institute of Public Affairs, states that Internet providers make profit and control the speed and websites from the internet. Industries control what we see and do on the internet, in order to charge people for certain websites. The fear of the government taking our right is invalid due to the fact the internet companies already do it. In the future

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