The Pros And Cons Of The United States Federalism

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Americans citizens do not realize how good they have it, and perhaps take what their government provides them for granted. Our American government system is with no drought a well operative government that is still in the working process. Within the civil liberties that protect us, to the civil rights that has expanded the Americans since our federal government has inaugurate itself.
The United States Federalism is a government system for its power are divided between federal/national government and state government. The constitution allows certain power to the government, and various power to states governments and various power to each other. Each state has their own branches such as legislative branch, the executive branch, and judicial branch. Each state is entitled to authorize, enforce, and decipher laws, just if they don’t breach the constituent.
The Legislative branch check over the Executive branch; by overriding the president vetoes with two-thirds of a vote, the power over purse strings to fund any executive movement, the power to remove the president through impeachment, treaties approved by the Senate, and Senate approves appointments by the president. Legislative branch also checks over the judicial branch; by creating lower courts, remove judges through impeachment, and Senate approves judges’ appointments. (Tolbert, Ginsberg. We the People, pg. 53-54.)
Executive branch checks over the legislative branch; by the ability to call a special session of

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