The Pros And Cons Of The Vietnam War

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Perhaps at very best, war is an unnecessary evil and at worst, an unethical and inhumane practice. When two or more countries cannot agree to settle their differences diplomatically or agree to disagree, the worst comes out in all of them. The Vietnam War was riddled with mistakes, beginning with our involvement in it. The United States was fighting the North Vietnamese Army and armed rebel Vietcong in the South. In hindsight, it was a war of ambushes between the United States military and the elusive Vietcong. Moving into the early 2000’s and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the U.S. was fighting the war on all fronts. Not only were they using bombs and airstrikes and engaging in firefights, they were also being attacked by roadside bombs, vehicle bombs, and suicide bombers. The enemy was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. To make matters worse and intensify the enemy’s resolve, United States military police committed some of the most heinous torture crimes known in modern times. By digitally recording those crimes, the United States military came under intense scrutiny from the very citizens they were vowing to protect and liberate, and the use of makeshift bombs against U.S. troops intensified. To the general public, war seems as easy as identifying the target and neutralizing them, yet as we see through the Vietnam War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, it can be difficult to determine where the enemy is, what methods of warfare they are using, and whether or not we are in fact
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