The Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Parents are always challenged with the question, to vaccinate their child or not? Some might say it is one of the most stressful questions they might have to ask themselves after becoming a parent. A possible reason most parents struggle with deciding to vaccinate their child or not: they face the fear whether their child might get diagnosed with Autism when they are vaccinated. There also lies the fear that children might acquire those deadly and harmful viruses that are injected into their immune system. Generally, most people believe that vaccines should be enforced to receive worldwide; as in, kids should not be able to enter schools until they have proof that they were vaccinated. Just like how dogs are supposed to receive shots to prevent rabies, every human should keep up with all of their shots in order to prevent terrible diseases to make a comeback globally. Vaccines should become mandatory because they are known to increase life expectancy worldwide, they prevent the spread of deadly viruses and diseases, and the consequences outweigh the slim risks that could be caused.
Breaking News: Life Expectancy To Increase!
In 1796, a doctor in England named, Edward Jenner, injected cowpox pus into his own son and a few other children to find that it saved the children from getting smallpox (Park). Since then, there have been recordings of life expectancy increasing dramatically amongst children, and from adults (Park). Children were no longer dying within the first years

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