The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Reality Addiction

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“Virtual reality addiction will be a new condition that therapists will have to deal with in the next decades.” – Zaid Mahomedy.
It is a late spring of 2117. This is a time when people can live in two worlds. One of them, of course, is a real-life world; another one is a virtual reality game, which is known as “Dream World”. It was released in 2107 when I was at a secondary school. I remember the excitement and enthusiasm that the “Dream World” created when it was announced through the media like it was yesterday.
Every day I ran all the way home as soon as school ended and dived till dawn. All my friends did the same thing as serious game addicts did. Our every day of being in “Dream World” was like a dream. We just wore a headgear and fell
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It has an almost endless number of skills, including productive skills (such as engineering, designer of clothes, and sewing) and everyday skills (such as cooking, physical workout, and playing music). It allows the player to not only adventure the huge game but also actually “live” in it. If you want and your skill levels are high enough, you can buy a house and live as in the real world. In other words, this game can truly render a virtual reality.
The virtual reality fulfilled all our fancies and dreams. To feel as heroes and supermen, we became the addicted gamers. Up to this day, I thought that all players in the “Dream World” were like us. But now I realized that there might be other reasons for being in this virtual world. And I, 18 years old teenager, play this game every night not for fulfilling the desires of the game addict but for a completely different
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After some time, I realized that I was in the reality. I quickly opened my eyes and lifted up my upper body. Then I carefully took off the headgear from my head and glanced at an embedded clock on the wall. It clearly displayed the current date and time.
Tuesday, May 7th, 2117. 7:35AM.
Before breakfast, I decided to go upstairs into a room where I can find my reason for being in the “Dream World”. I quietly entered and walked to the large window on the right side of the room. I opened the curtains with both hands, and the glaring sunlight dyed the inside of the room in pale yellow. I slowly approached a bed in the middle of the room and carefully sat on its edge. My eyes fell on three green-lighted dots on the headgear that were aligned like a modest constellation.
I extended the finger of my right hand, probing the lights. The LED indicators displayed the current operating status of the machine, “Dream World”. Situated on the front part of the headgear, the indicators monitored — from the right — the main power, network connection, and cerebral connection. At the moment when the light on the far left edge would turn to red, it would signify the destruction of the brain of the gear’s
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