The Pros And Methods Of Capital Punishment

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In 1608, Virginia government executed the first person in the United States. The name of the person who was executed was George Kendall because he was charged with spying for Spain (Daileda 2015). Decades several of the states in the United States have decided which crimes should be punished by execution. For example, about two centuries ago Pennsylvania decided to outlaw capital punishment in all cases except for first-degree murder. However, less than a century later Rhode Island actually became the first state in the United States who actually banned capital punishment (Daileda 2011). Though later near present day the methods of executing a person became more humane because new methods were created which is why in present day people primarily use gas chambers and lethal injections.
Capital punishment, also known as, the death penalty is basically means some states have the authorization to be able to kill a person for a crime they committed after a proper trial (Bazalon 2016. There are about thirty-one states in the United States that allow capital punishment including North Carolina. Though depending on the state there are several different methods to commit the death penalty. The most well-known method for capital punishment is the lethal injection though there are other methods like electrocution, lethal gas and hanging (Barnes 2014). However, most states primarily use lethal injection this includes North Carolina. The death penalty is usually used in capital crimes

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