Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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The majority of states in America resorts to the death penalty; nonetheless there is a trend toward abolishing capital punishment. As of two thousand seventeen there are nineteen states that have abolished the death penalty as a form of punishment for various reasons. Over the years the death penalty has cost the US millions. This punishment violates our Human Rights and evidently does not deter crime as some people may believe. The death penalty is permanent and does not allow a possibility of rehabilitation; taking someone’s life away cannot be justified. The system is flawed for many reasons, some of which are incompetent lawyers, disparities amongst minorities, and wrongful convictions. The death penalty is awfully ineffective on the grounds of being ethical, cost effective, or a deterrent to crime. It’s argued that capital punishment is a deterrent for crime, however it’s not a proven fact. “While it is the reason most often advanced for retaining capital punishment, the concept of deterrence has repeatedly been discredited by authorities in the area of criminal justice” (Anderson 2). Life without parole would be more effective in trying to deter crime, if not even a better punishment. People having to live with what they’ve done is worse in most cases. When in the case of adequate provocation, nothing is premeditated. So punishing the people responsible for heat of passion crimes with the death penalty won’t exactly deter crime because they weren’t a direct harm to

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