Essay about The Prosecution’s Indictment of Mr. George Stevens

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The Prosecution’s Indictment of Mr. George Stevens

In the story The Garies and Their Friends by Frank Webb, one man is responsible for the race riot. The prosecution charges Mr. George Stevens with Inciting a Riot and Seditious Conspiracy. We intend to prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt. We will do this by presenting overwhelming evidence of his guilt. He manipulated people and circumstances to his full advantage to implement his plan. His agenda was one of violence against innocent Black men and women. These already oppressed citizens, became tragically disenfranchised as a result of his actions. He has torn the fabric of their livelihood into pieces, leaving many homeless. His wanton destruction and …show more content…

Mr. Stevens promotes this mindset to anyone who will listen. Mr. Stevens had hoped to turn public opinion to his favor. Exactly as did Hitler and the Nazis of the past, “Hatred against Jews manifested itself in such measures as the Nuremburg Laws which banned "race-mixing" and in the Kristallnacht riots which targeted Jewish homes, businesses and places of worship” ( Mr. Stevens is spreading propaganda and following in the footsteps of Hitler. He was the mastermind behind the racial riot in Philadelphia. Mr. Stevens’ motive for these crimes is a combination of greed, hate, and racism. He enlisted the help of his wealthy and influential friend Mr. Morton. This influence of Mr. Morton’s allows them complete control over the local police. His goal is to terrorize his neighborhood and chase away the hard-working Blacks. He made sure the Black residents would flee their homes in fear of their lives. Once they fled, he and his associate Mr. Morton, could buy up their property, cheap. They planned to put in office only politicians who would yield to their demands. While referring to the Black families of the neighborhood Mr. Stevens stated, “...and if we can create a mob and turn it against them, they will be glad to leave that quarter, and remove further up into the city for security and protection”(166). He explained that once these properties were devalued, they could buy them and make a profit later. His plan also required them to have

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