The Protestant Reformation And The Protestant Reformation

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The Protestant Reformation was protests for reform of the Catholic Church. This happened in the 16th and 17th century, also known as the middle and/or dark ages. The person that started all of this was Martin Luther from Wittenberg, Germany. Luther started all this because he wanted the corruption within papacy. He started off by writing 95 these and nailed them to the church door for everyone to see. Black plague. (267) The Black Plague was a deadly disease that swept across Europe in the 14th century. This disease was known as a “mysterious disease” because no one knew how the Black Plague occurred in Europe. The Plague started in Central Asia and was spread from Black Rats. some countries in Europe travelled to Asia. While the crew were in Asia, the black rats made their way onto the ship and spread the disease to the crew. On the way back home many crew members died and only a few survived. The disease spreads through human contact and by being near other people. Because of this disease 20 million people in Europe died in two years. Some of the people that died were the priests, they were always near sick people to pray for their illness. Because of this, there were more priests that died than people. Because priests kept dieing, they kept ordaining more men from the community and they became rich priests. Eventually, they couldn’t take control of themselves and became greedy with the amount of money and power that they owned. Because there were a lot of people
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