The Prowess Demonstrated by Poet, Robert Frost

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Poetry is a form of literature that can be interpreted in different ways by different people. When reading poems by Robert Frost he demonstrates his prowess with different types of elements by bringing it to life and giving them multiple meanings. From themes to figure of speech all the way to word choice and order, Frost demonstrates his ability to capture his audience in a way that makes them return. “The Oven Bird” by Robert Frost depicts a bird sitting on top of a tree witnessing the seasons changing. The theme of the poem is how the seasons are changing which also represents the aging and what comes from it. The narrator of the poem is detailing how change is happening in not only the environment but also in himself. With summer comes vitality and enjoyment, and with that coming to an end a sense of fulfillment is lacking. The narrator is opposed to the season changing because it also means that he will be changing. When the narrator states “And comes that other fall we name the fall.”(Frost 886), he demonstrates the aging that comes with seasons changing. The first fall he talks about is the fall season but the other fall is his age and life experiences. Towards the end of the poem the narrator begins to accept reality and the change that is happening around him. The last line “Is what to make of a diminished thing.” (Frost 886) shows that he is beginning to accept that his life is diminishing, and that change is something that cannot be stopped. “Fire and Ice”

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