The Psychedelic Drug Of Choice Essay

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When listening to The Beatles discography, it is essentially impossible for anyone to deny that their music had changed drastically, both instrumentally and lyrically, around the year 1966. The albums such as Please Please Me, With The Beatles, and A Hard Day’s Night which were responsible for the phenomenon of Beatlemania were a stark contrast from the albums that they would release in the twilight of their career: Revolver, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, The Beatles, and Abbey Road. The latter albums engaged in much more philosophical topics, featured far more complex instrumentation, and were made complete with far more sophisticated lyrics. However, the question to be asked is: What exactly prompted this drastic change in sound and meaning? While it is easy to believe that it was simply a natural maturation in songwriting, many, including The Beatles themselves, attribute this evolution to their use of LSD. LSD was the psychedelic drug of choice in the 1960’s, known for it’s mind-altering effects that could impose life-changing thoughts and feelings upon its users. When listening to The Beatles music from before and after their LSD usage, it is very apparent that it had a major impact on the evolution of their music. It all began in the Spring of 1965, when John Lennon and George Harrison were having dinner with dentist John Riley at his home in London. Unbeknownst to the two Beatles, Riley had slipped LSD-infused sugar cubes into the their coffees and

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