Psychedelic Drug Use Essay

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Psychedelic drug use has been present in both traditions and used recreationally for millennia. Their use can be seen in all corners of the planet by many sects of religions and indigenous peoples. Reasons for usage vary from religious or medical purposes, hunting, war, and spirituality. The drug use was viewed with much less of a negative stigma than it is today.
It wasn't until recently that the government cracked down on the use of psychedelic drugs. They placed many of the drugs into schedules in which the legality of the drug was assigned. Most of the drugs can be found on the list of schedule one substances. Schedule one drugs are drugs that have a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical use, and has a lack of accepted safety under medical supervision. So why is it that these natural substances used for millennia are just becoming stigmatised and controlled? According to american ethnobotanist, Terence Kemp McKenna, the patriarchal society that we live in today was caused by the restriction of psychedelic …show more content…

From as early as 35000 BCE humans lived by the partnership model. During these times there was neither patriarchy or matriarchy. Eisler used archeological records to study the emergence of warfare and patriarchy. She found that while humans lived under the partnership model there was peace and prosperity. It wasn’t until the dominator model arrived that these groups began to experience war and oppression. Before the dominator model emerged women were viewed with respect and godly. Many religions prayed to female deities. The deification of women can be traced back to childbirth. Only women can give birth and provide the child with nourishment. Even earth was viewed as maternal because in the same way women give birth and nourish their children, the earth nourishes it’s

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