The Psychoanalytic Process Of Therapy

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This week we learned about the psychoanalytic process of therapy and what clients go through during therapy when counselors are utilizing this theory. I thought this was a little different to what I visualize of when a client comes in for therapy. Oh really, why is that? Okay let me explain what is involved during psychoanalytic therapy and you tell me if it is what you picture for therapy? Ok. During this type of therapy there are four phases a client goes through. At the beginning, the client will go through an opening phase. During this phase the counselor will determine whether the client would be a good candidate for analysis. If the client is a good candidate for analysis, the role of the client and counselor are explained along with the goals. This is what I found to be a little out there. The primary analytic technique is called free association in which the client lays down on a couch and is required to say whatever comes to mind no matter how frivolous it may be (Murdock, 2013). Freud insisted that his clients do this and “it is called the “fundamental rule” of psychoanalysis” (Murdock, 2013 p.49). If the client meets the qualifications for analysis the counselor explains that “fundamental rule” that they must follow. They must lie down on a couch? Yep apparently with this therapy, they do. Wow, I would feel a little awkward doing that. So would I. Role of the counselor during the analysis, I thought is normal for the most part. The counselor at the beginning

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