The Psychology Of Elizabeth Loftus : Cognitive Psychology

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Elizabeth Loftus is a cognitive psychologist. I chose her because I love criminal justice and psychology. Her studies have to do with both, so she was the perfect choice. She is known for studying memory. She plays a huge role in psychology and the legal system. She conducts studies about how memory affects eyewitness testimonies. She has written more than 400 publications (McNally, 2007). She is different than other psychologists studying memory because she investigates memory for naturalistic events (McNally, 2007). She does not study memory by using a list of words or studying nonsense syllables like Ebbinghaus did. Elizabeth Loftus has published plenty of articles talking about how alibis being inconsistent does not equate to them being liars. Inconsistency does not equal accuracy. She has also written articles about how confidence does not equate to honesty.
Elizabeth Loftus has two notable awards. According to the article, Elizabeth F: Loftus: Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology, she was rewarded the Distinguished Contributions to Forensic Psychology Award in 1995. She has been rewarded the award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology. According to the article, Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Science of Psychology, she has six honorary doctorates. They are from universities in the United States, Norway, the Netherlands, Israel, and Britain. She has been elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the

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