The Psychology Of Forensic Psychology

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I have come to find that in essence, we are all psychologists. However, whilst many merely use their capabilities to unveil the depth of their own experiences, I am fascinated by the way in which the human psyche can shape individuals, societies and the social processes which we indulge in on a daily basis.

As a child, my curiosity with psychology was founded heavily in the area of forensic psychology as I would often sit with my mother as she watched shows including Columbo and Law and Order. As I grew older and gained a greater understanding of what was occurring in these shows, I began to frame my own questions including the incentives that encourage people to commit crimes - crimes that could change the course of their own and other’s lives and, the interaction between extraneous influences such as the familial attachments and remote factors including biological predispositions.

Further to this, in recent years I had discovered that I had an additional brother who had grown up in the care system, and with this his family dynamic, attachments and relationships had formed in a different manner than what I was used to. And, soon after he returned to the family he began displaying violent and aggressive episodes that were apparently insuppressible which as a result has kept him in and out of hospital. Through being able to observe my brother over the years, I also began to question the impact of a difference in child rearing that has made him and I more or less

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