Forensic Psychology Personal Statement

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Psychology has always had a direct impact on my life for many years for example, I myself have had counselling sessions for anxiety. Experiencing this has given me a desire to work with people in understanding their behaviour and how their minds work to be able to empower individuals to lead better lives. My own personal experience with anxiety has also intrigued me into thinking why I think the way I do and what can be put into action to improve my circumstances.
I've put time into researching all aspects of the job role in psychology and have a positive feeling I am well suited for this role. I'm currently in the process of completing the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. On this course I have studied a range of units including Psychology which I found particularly interesting as we are looking into behaviourist theories including Pavlov and his Classical conditioning theory and how a person can be conditioned to behave in a particular way from a Stimulus. Another unit we are studying is Sociology which is interesting as it shows why people behave the way they do due to social impacts such as culture or social status.
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I have decided to study Psychology after having looked in more depth at the course content. Although I have a particular interest in studying Forensic Psychology I am wanting to study Psychology to gain a wide perspective in all types of psychology and I am keeping an open mind in case any other types of psychology attract my interest more. I am looking forward to the analysis, research and exploration of these all in greater depth. I particularly looking forward to learning the Physiological & Cognitive Psychology as they will open my understanding to the processes of the mind, emotion and behaviour as well as the functions and anatomy of the Nervous
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