The Psychology Of Mental Illness

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Deviance usually goes hand in hand with mental illness, as people who are considered mentally ill will then be considered as deviant, since it is contemplated not a norm. Sociologists have paid close attention to different concepts of mental illness and how it fits in with sociology. The focus on women and the idea of mental illness is a fairly new phenomenon and a lot of research and models have taken place by sociologists throughout time to find out why women experience mental illness more than men. Social causes have been connected with women and mental illness, which has given sociologists such as Durkheim, Foucault and Parsons, are starting point of the research area. They all have contributed to the field of mental illness in their own way and all have presented different understandings and theories to why women suffer with mental illness more than men. Looking at a brief history of mental illness and where it began, mental illness can be described as a disorder that affects your behavior, your thoughts and your mood; classic examples of these can include depression and anxiety. Looking back to mental illness in the sociological field, it can be traced back to the works of Emile Durkheim, who argued what the normal and pathological are and are they necessary for the societal cohesion. To sum up Durkheim’s analysis, he talked about crime and wrongdoing and linked them to rules of behavior, which then is important in the understanding of mental illness and its

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